Sunday, March 25, 2007

Krazy for Kiwi

Back in October, I was checking out at New Seasons Market and saw something new in the magazine rack, KIWI Magazine. It caught my eye because of the cute kids on the front and the friendly, hip logo. Me, I'm a magazine reader. I like quick snippets of information. Charts and Quizzes. Reference sections and testimonials. And I especially love advertising. I did mention earlier that I'm a shopper, right?!? Well anyway, this magazine snagged my attention and from page one I was hooked. A magazine about kid's nutrition right when my own child was starting to eat solid foods?!? It was kizmet.

With cover page teasers like "50 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas", "Healthy Family Restaurants", and "New Baby Foods Put to the Test", KIWI is definitely speaking directly to my concerns about healthy eating. WooHoo! that people are out there concerned and trying to help America get back on track in regards to our children's health. We all know there isn't a manual out there when it comes to kids, but magazines like KIWI certainly help fill the void.


  1. I'll have to keep my out for Kiwi. Have you looked at Wonder Times before? I like it for the same reasons you listed above.

  2. Yes, I get that magazine as well. Great stuff!