Monday, March 19, 2007

March Fourth

So, let's get caught up.
On March 4, we saw March Fourth and Who's on first and What's on second - yeah yeah, I know, it all sounds very confusing and it was a bit overwhelming, but it was also our first show since having the little one and it totally rocked! or umm, marched I suppose. My dear and lovely friend Cory gave us the head's up on this one, the MARCH FOURTH Anniversary Matinee Spectacular and it truly was. Although I am, and have always been the Duck Man, no excuse me, I meant to say incredibly hip, I was also in marching band in high school and I've got to say these guys made me proud to have worn a plume in my hat.
The music was tight and funky and completely compelled you to dance. The sideshows were riveting with pleather and fishnet clad acrobats, 2 and 4 legged stilt walkers, and a bevy of bountiful dancers that gave the whole event a moulin rouge meets the further bus vibe. And then there was the crowd. Balloons, and children dancing, and moms and dads getting their grooves back, hipsters, and street punks, and gypsies galore all stomping on the trampoline-like Crystal Ballroom floors. We went with two other young families who have a 6-month old and a 18-month old respectively, and although we DID have to wait in line a REALLY long time (with will call tickets) the show proved not too loud or too scary for anyone. The parents of the 18-month old did report she made strange screams and grunts while she slept that night, but that's probably just an added bonus.
Well anyway, we had a really wonderful time and I've heard rumors that they may start doing more kid-friendly shows in the future. So exciting! Needless to say, but WooHoo! for March Fourth (M4) and if they come to your town don't march, RUN! to be the first in line.

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  1. heir ist franz wit anozer opinion...

    March Forth does indeed rock all balls. I'm not sure if their late night shows are as kid friendly as the afternoon show was, but I was in awe.