Monday, March 19, 2007

Salutations and WooHoos for me!

I'm starting this blog because I am someone who loves knowing what's up and where it's at - the best music, shopping, resturants, events, etc., and thought I'd be super sweet and share. I've got a 1 year old daughter named Pannonica (PZ for short), an uber-opinionated hubby named Franz, two dogs, Dudley Do-Right and Siciley Sioux, and a mean, and I do mean MEAN shopping habit. I'm originally from my old Kentucky home, but since '99 have been living in rainy day Portland, OR which I love, Love, LOVE. I try and do the responsible thing by shopping local, organic, recycled, revamped, and so on, but I do love all the pretty shopping carts online. So if I miss something cool - egads! I did mention I've got a 1 year old, right? - or you're someone doing something cool that I should know about, don't keep it to yourself.

So that's my nutshell. Cya later!

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