Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Organic Baby Food In Your Grocer's Freezer Isle

When it comes to feeding PZ I want her to eat healthy, organic food that tastes great. That's why I'm so excited about these three organic frozen baby food companies. They are all super easy to make, made of organic, high quality ingredients, and full of flavors that will educate my child's palate. Fries are not a vegetable, people!

Happy Baby
from - Brooklyn, NY
cost - $4.99 at New Seasons
servings - 12 1oz cubes, 2 flavors per box
flavors - (6mos+) - yes peas & thank you carrots, smarter squash & wiser apple, sweeter potatoes & purer pear, (9mos+) -grrreat greens & easy-being-green beans, baby dhal & mama grain
where to buy - New Seasons Market, Wild Oats (I'm sure there are others, but it wasn't showing up on their website)

We've tried the 9mos+ grrreat greens & easy-being green beans and the baby dhal & mama grain. PZ's favorite is the mama grain (bananas, quinoa, and black beans). She likes the baby dhal, which is such an adorable name, and the grrreat greans too. She does NOT like the easy-being-green beans, but I've found if I put two of the green beans and two of the grrreat greens together she likes it pretty well. I just mix in some quinoa and she gobbles it up. My other complaint about the easy-being-green beans is that packaged next to the grrreat greens it is really hard to tell which is which. I have to remember that the greens have mango in them and so smell a little fruitier. Overall though, these are meals she eats every week.

Nice Cubes
from - Portland, OR
cost - 4.99
servings - 3 per box 12 oz
flavors - (7mos+) - bandango, gentle lentils, perfect pear, sassy squash, sweet potato pie
where to buy - Alberta Coop, Whole Foods, New Seasons Market, Peoples Coop, Market of Choice, Lamb's Markets, Food Front Coop, Daily Grind Natural Foods

Let's hear it for the local mama! We buy our Nice Cubes at New Seasons and have even seen the momtrepreneur there giving out free tastings. YUM! PZ really likes the gentle lentils and the sassy squash. We've tried the bandango frozen and that was a hit as well. We've held off on the perfect pear and sweet potato pie because they contain grains that we weren't ready for, but we'll be trying them soon.
Another perk to Nice Cubes is the packaging. They come in 3 ready to microwave containers that seem to be made of some sort of waxed paper. I rinse them out and reuse them to microwave her veggie nibblets. They are also good for serving her food in, because they don't break if she tosses them onto the floor. Ingenious!

Plum Organics
from - New York
cost - 3.49
servings - 2 per box 8oz
flavors - (6mos+) - sweet potatoes, pears & apples, super greens, (9mos+) - super greens multigrain, chicken whole grain pasta, red lentil veggie, vegetable stew with beef, banana peach rice pudding
where to buy - Wild Oats, Whole Foods, Central Market, Fairway

We don't buy as much Plum Organics as I'd like because for some reason they don't sell them at my within walking distance New Seasons Market. I have to wait until hubby leaves me the car so I can drive out to Wild Oats, but Plum Organics are the only reason I make the trip. So that says something! I think what I like most about this brand is that they use meat (organic beef and chicken) in their recipes, and the food smells (and tastes) delicious. PZ really likes the chicken whole grain pasta, the super greens multigrain, the red lentil veggie, and the vegetable stew with beef. She LOVES the banana peach rice pudding and I've had to actually fake the recipe a few times when she's eaten her serving and wanted more. My one complaint is the plastic tubs the food comes in. They say the containers are made from 100% virgin polypropylene which do not have any known risks and do not contain any phthlates, but I still kind of feel weird about microwaving plastic. And we had one container's lip break off a few tiny plastic bits into the baby food. Luckily I caught it before serving. Oh, I also wish they had more servings per box, but I am glad that their boxes are recyclable.

I've heard rumor that another Portland mama is starting an organic frozen baby food called Gaia Baby Food, but I guess we'll just have to see if that pans out. Until then, PZ and I are very happy to have three great organic, gourmet food choices for the times when this mama doesn't feel like cooking. Which, let's face it, is most of the time. WooHoo!

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